Port Harbor Railroad’s Role at America’s Central Port

Port Harbor Rail Road, St Louis, Granite City, IL
PHRR 1296 newest locomotive to join the Port Harbor Railroad locomotive fleet
June 12, 2018
Port Harbor Railroad at America's Central Port

What is America’s Central Port?

America’s Central Port can be found just north of the City of St Louis. America’s Central port is a 1200 acre transportation hub designed to connect the three major modes of freight transportation: River, Rail and Road.

America’s Central Port not only has access to six Class 1 Railroads and 4 Interstate highways. Of course Port Harbor Role plays an important part of tying this all together and allowing the port to serve the demanding needs of our region.

The Port Harbor Railroad Delivers Pipe, America's Central Port

The last of Pe Ben USA’s 1000 carloads of pipe arrive on the Port Harbor Railroad, January 2016

America’s Central Port is also home to several dozen manufacturing companies as well as an on-site location for product warehousing. The central location adds efficiency while keeping costs down.

Port Harbor Railroad is proud to be at the center of all of this. We help move product seamlessly from river to road to rail. Over the course of an average year, Port Harbor Railroad will facilitate the movement of 2500 barge loads (approximately 3 tons) of grain, steel, petroleum products and other bulk freight.

Roll-on Roll-off capabilities are available at the newly opened Madison Harbor and Port Harbor Railroad access this outlet as well, facilitating barge delivery and pickup to transport goods directly to the Gulf of Mexico.  One of the most prominent features of this new 50 million dollar harbor features is our rail loop facilitating unit train transfers.

America’s Central Port features one of the largest rail hubs in the United States and Port Harbor Railroad is proud to offer 24-hour switching services with on-demand rail service to all of the Port’s core tenants.

Over 250 trucking companies utilize America’s Central Port to reach over 70% of their clients within 48 hours. And once again, Port Harbor Railroad plays a vital role to keeping this freight on schedule on its way to the final marketplace. We’re proud to contribute to America’s Central Port’s concept of Transportunity!