Customer Success Stories

Being Flexible for Green Plains Inc.

“From the general manager to the conductor, everyone is very helpful and very attentive, and will do whatever we need…The flexibility that the PHRR has given us is tremendous because we don’t have enough room.”

-Brad Ross, Logistics Manager for Green Plains Madison LLC

Working with a short line partner like the Port Harbor Railroad can pay off at multiple stages of the game—at construction of your facility, during day-to-day operation, and at key periods when you have to decide how to expand or revise your facility. The PHRR’s relationship with Green Plains Inc. highlights all three of these scenarios. Ready availability of the 3 R’s—plus creative collaboration between Green Plains, the Port Harbor Railroad, and America’s Central Port—have been key to making Green Plains successful.

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Can Rail Increase My Revenues?

Rail is often seen as a cost-saving tool as compared to using trucks—sometimes requiring larger volumes to be effective. But can using rail help you increase the revenue you earn on the products you sell? Green Plains Inc. found that rail helped it reach new markets with higher profits than it could achieve by truck alone.

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Growing With River’s Edge Industries

“For our business, we can only be as good as our transportation partners. The Port Harbor Railroad has helped us excel with what we do.”

-Sean Owen, Facility Manager for River’s Edge Industries

The partnership between the Port Harbor Railroad and America’s Central Port gives you the space to grow. We have successfully helped customer find existing warehousing and cross-docking space to lease, and then helped them shift into build-to-suit facilities when the time is right. Most importantly, we helped River’s Edge Industries keep working even when they were outgrowing their facilities.

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