Providing Service…Not Excuses

When you partner with the Port Harbor Railroad, our experts help you manage the process so you don’t have to go it alone.

  • Before your shipments even begin, we help you with infrastructure planning in your facility, optimizing between operating and construction expenses.
  • We can manage the relationship with the other railroads involved, giving you a single point of contact who is an expert in the language and business of railroading—we help drive out waste, manage car supply, and ensure your products keep moving.
  • If you are shipping entire trainloads, we have less-restrictive infrastructure requirements than big railroads, saving you capital up front and speeding completion for your initial build-out.
  • If your volumes are better matched to shipments less than a full train, we still devote attention to every shipments—ensuring that rail cars keep moving and that partner railroads don’t lose sight of your needs!

Getting to the Road

Whether you are transloading bulk, cross-docking pallets, moving in by rail, or moving in by road, we are at an ideal location that will save your drivers’ hours of service for moving freight, not waiting in traffic.

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Railroad Connections

Not all rail gateways are the same. When talking about shipping and receiving by rail, the cornerstone question to ask your railroad is “What’s my service plan?” Seven days per week, the Port Harbor Railroad works in partnership with the Terminal Railroad to expedite your products.

The Terminal Railroad ensures that your cars move through Gateway Yard in one day or less. And we are able to deliver your railcars the same work shift we receive them (usually in the morning) which means the time between the Terminal Railroad and your dock is often 8 hours or less—and if you are in a bind, we can deliver in as little as three hours. Cars released to us at the end of your day shift will leave the same night, and within the following day be clear of Gateway Yard and on their way.

The Port Harbor Railroad interchanges daily with the Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis (TRRA). The TRRA serves as a clearinghouse between BNSF, CN, CSX, KCS, NS and UP—Keeping transit time to a minimum between the PHRR and our connecting Class 1 Partners within the St. Louis switching Gateway.

Railroad Connections

Tying in to the River

If you can move your product by rail to a river port, the opportunities to achieve economies of scale and reach export markets are limitless. In addition to our central location on the rail network and superior gateway access, the location of America’s Central Port give superior river access, being a centrally-located port at the confluence of Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Illinois, and Kaskaskia Rivers.

The 3 R's - Rail & River