The 3 R’s – Rail & River

The 3 R’s – Rail & River

What are the Three R’s? Your supply chain will always depend on at least one of them. Access to Road, River, and Rail form the cornerstone of getting your products to market. At America’s Central Port in Granite City, IL, the Port Harbor Railroad connects the Three R’s at an ideal mid-American location.

How Do The 3 R’s Help?

Barge is extremely affordable, but limits your market reach. By combining river and rail, you can gain the full benefit of barge efficiency without losing inland opportunities. Plus, if you export, you may find that reaching the Gulf or Great Lakes by barge is a more attractive outlet than moving by rail to the coast.

Not sure how to combine railroads and the inland river network to get your products to market? Using the interactive map below, simply select your originating railroad and explore how the Port Harbor Railroad can help your products start their journey on rail and finish on the river. If you think you might see an opportunity, contact us and we’ll help you explore how working barge and rail to their strengths will expand your opportunities!

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